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What to Pack – Fishing

Your gear should include a layered system of clothing to accommodate a wide range of temperatures and conditions. Even though our fishing season is in the month of July, it is possible to have chilly conditions, especially in the early morning. Temperatures can range from of 10 C/50 F to 30 C/85 F during your time at Arluk Oufitters. You should also be prepared for rain as it is quite common for this time of the year. We ask that your gear total no more than 60 lbs as there is a limit on much we can handle in the helicopter. Down below is our angling specific checklist of things an angler should bring with them.

Sample Packing List

Personal Items

Polarized sunglasses
Insect repellent
Lip Balm
Water Bottle


Chest Waders
Waterproof and breathable
rain suit
Wide-brimmed hat
Wading stick
Indoor shoes/slippers


6 to 9 Weight Rod
Large-arbour reel
Floating weight-forward or double-tapered line
Assortment of dry and wet salmon flies and trout flies