If you’re an archery or rifle hunter looking for the ultimate experience, this is it. Arluk’s shot opportunity exceeds 90% due to our superior location bordering the no hunt zone of Gros Morne National Park. Our strong big game population guarantees multiple trophy class animals are harvested annually. Arluk’s seasoned guides will position you within shooting range of your desired animal. Our goal is to give you a first class and unforgettable hunt.

Hunting season begins on the second Saturday of September and runs five weeks (mid-September to mid-October).

Our hunting packages are for a one week stay (Sunday-Sunday) and operate from all six sites. We offer 1:1 and 2:1 guiding packages and cater each hunt to our clients needs and desires.

Hunting scenarios include:

  • Travel by boat on the waterways to strategic hunting stands
  • Overnight tent camps to get further away from the lodge and reach higher grounds in a day
  • Hunting stands near the lodge
  • Ground blinds that allow for camouflage in strategic areas
  • Traditional spot and stalk
A day’s hunt begins with a pre-dawn hot breakfast prepared by our culinary staff. During breakfast you and your guide will discuss and plan for the day’s hunt.

Based on the hunting scenario you choose for the day, you can opt to have a packed meal prepared to take with you or you can choose return to the lodge for a hot lunch.

Guests set out after breakfast and the hunt begins!

Once a hunter takes a kill, the guide will field dress and debone the animal, then bag the meat and transport it back to the lodge. The hunter can choose to take part in this process if desired - we cater to you.

A day’s hunt ends as you return to the lodge at dark where a hot shower, hearty meal and authentic Newfoundland hospitality await you.

If you wish to have your meat prepared following your hunt, Countryside Abattoir offers a variety of preparation options. Please refer to the Countryside Abattoir Cutting Sheet.

Important Information:

Wounding Policy
In the event a hunter wounds an animal (the animal does not fall but blood can be tracked), it is Arluk’s responsibility to make every reasonable effort to search and locate the wounded animal. If the animal is not found after an adequate amount of time spent searching, your hunt for that species will be considered finished.

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