As the province begins to open up for Canadian travelers, we want to make sure guests are aware of the current public health orders and have all the necessary documentation needed to enter Newfoundland & Labrador.

Please make sure to review government resources carefully and monitor for more up-to-date information closer to your travel. For our international guests, please see our latest news post for more information on travel into Canada.

We wish you continued health and hope to see you again soon!

Important Documents

Before gear selection, make sure you have all necessary documents (passports, licences, declarations etc.) compiled, completed and up-to-date.

In order to bring your firearm into Canada, the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration form must be completed but not signed (document to be signed with Canada Border Services Agency) before you enter the country. You must keep this document on your person for the hunt.

We strongly recommend you visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website to ensure you understand the policies and requirements for travelling to Canada with a firearm.
Condsiderations For Choosing Gear

An island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland experiences a lot of active weather. We suggest packing a variety of layers to accommodate a range of conditions and temperatures.

In the fall, it is not uncommon to experience freezing temperatures overnight and then increase to 10-15°C (50-60°F) by midday. Rainy conditions are also common so good waterproof outerwear is recommended.

Blaze orange is not a requirement for hunting however, we recommend wearing camouflage.
In our experience, the best footwear for the terrain is a knee length rubber boot with a tapered ankle. La Crosse brand is our preference and is available through Cabalas.
We ask that your gear be packed in soft shell (duffel bag) styled luggage and your gun stored in a soft case. Total gear weight should not exceed more than 27.2 kg (60 lb) due to helicopter weight restrictions.

Sample Packing List:
49.0130° N, 57.5894° W